Shane Hurd

Shane Hurd

Author | UFO Investigator

Presentation: Evidence-Based UAP Investigations

Shane Hurd is an author and UFO investigator who serves as Assistant State Director for Arizona MUFON.

Shane spent his government career in the fields of Civil Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Information Technologies, and is a graduate of Arizona State University’s Certified Public Manager program. As a member of the space race generation, he has been a lifelong space and science nerd, and sci-fi geek.

It was the Phoenix Lights Incident in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona that sparked his interest in UFOs. Since that time, he has studied the subject and ultimately in 2015 joined the Mutual UFO Network, then became a Field Investigator in 2017. He is now a Star Team member and was recently appointed Assistant State Director for Arizona MUFON. He’s also a key member of the strange media company Rogue Planet. Shane is a musician, a car guy, amateur astronomer, horse owner, and enjoys a good bourbon now and then.